Search Engine Optimization is A Must – Each Step of The Way…

As you create your sites you need to keep several things in mind. The most important part is making your sites search engine friendly right off the bat.

Here are some tips and resources to help you accomplish that properly.

1.) Pick keywords using a free service or a paid service like seolite, wordtracker, or others. I usually get by using Mcdar and Nichebot.

2.) Make sure your pages all have Meta-tags and Titles. Learn a little about meta-tags at places like

3.) Make sure you link to your other sites using anchor text.

4.) Learn to read your web stats- Chances are your site already has awstats in the control panel and that will be all you need to really see who is visiting your site and what keywords are bringing them there.

5.) Link all your pages back to your home page using Anchor Text Links.

6.) Make sure you understand the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization. Sites like , and others can help you.

7.) BUILD LINKS – using anchor text terms.

About the Author:

Edward Pena is the owner of Advanced Marketing a network marketing company.
He has been successfully marketing on the internet since 1999. For further information about how to improve your business and for a free download of “Success in 10 Steps”, visit: