Using Articles To Generate Traffic for Your Business

If you can’t write an article you should have a couple written for you by a decent writer.  These articles are a gold mine of traffic, Page Rank, and of course establishing yourself as an expert in your field.  I have written hundreds of articles under various pen names to point to a multitude of my sites, and my client’s sites.

It’s getting harder to use the article directories to generate traffic though, because unlike a few months ago – all these directories are getting stripped by bots and scrapers for the content.  You have the right to have your resource box intact when it’s published.  Do searches for your articles title and if you find they aren’t linking back to you correctly contact them and ask them politely.

If they don’t fix their obvious “oversight”, you do have the right to contact their host, to inform them that they are publishing your copy written work with out your permission.  The host can be held liable if they don’t force the site to comply.  I’m not a lawyer, but you can also send a cease and desist order, and several other things to force them to comply.

My favorite places to submit articles are:

There are literally hundreds of places to submit your articles.  Make sure you post in as many places as you have time for, or purchase one of the “submitters” to do it automatically.  I recommend doing your homework on these though as many out there are outdated.

The fact is you don’t need to spend thousands getting secret software to get indexed.  You just need to write great articles.

Your article should have:

•    A great title – this is no different than using something catchy in an ad.

•    A Great TOPIC – if no one is interested in what you are writing about why should you expect anyone to publish it?

•    A resource box to “close” the sale.

•    And above all you have to promote it.  Submit it to several directories.  Link to it in your forum signatures, link to it from your websites.  If you do this – it will get published.

Don’t forget to proofread your article – bad grammar can kill its effectiveness.

Paid link purchases – getting your moneys worth

There is nothing wrong with buying links.  If you were to purchase Search Engine Optimization from a company this is what they will be doing – why are you going to pay someone else to do it for you. Go to and other similar sites to purchase links.

The good news about purchased links is you are not only buying Search Engine rankings, but in many cases you are also buying immediate traffic. If you have set your network of sites up to send traffic to itself, that’s even better.

Great Places To Get FREE Keyword Rich Links

While directories, classifieds, e-zine ads and other places all give you a way to get links back to your site – how many places let you fill in the content and keywords for the pages your links appear on?

Not many.

I have found several sites made by Stmadeveloper that allow free advertising.  The first is  – it’s ad free and you can make your own keyword rich page that includes keywords, page title, and more.

Another one is: they have a link in the member’s area to create a “product” review.  It is acceptable to make another search engine friendly page for your website there.

Imagine if you did this for every affiliate program you were involved in?

I’m telling you my secret places I have found for myself to get Search Engine Traffic from – I hope you take advantage of my own resources and use them for your benefit.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free


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