I Have a Website, What Do I Do Now?

Do Press Releases

A well written press release is a great way to both boost page rank and get some immediate traffic – don’t expect a flood though.     I’m not going to teach you to be a writer here, but every good press release has the basic laws of Journalism…who, what, when, where, why and how.

A press release is not an ad and shouldn’t be written as such.  Read a newspaper article and your press release should be the same format.

A great suggestion on when to release your press release is once you know ALL the bugs are worked out of your website.

Using forums to really get the traffic flowing:

I spend 30 minutes a day in forums.  Why?  It makes me money and I get to do what I enjoy – helping people.

See most forums allow you to post your signature below your name (look for the place where you edit your profile in the menu).  This should be active anchor text links for the maximum benefit.  Almost every single “helpful” post I do get at least 3 or 4 click throughs to my sites.  That’s on the day I do it. Over the “life” of the post I usually get hit by the search engines if the forum is SEO friendly, and several more clicks.  I did a test with one of my sites a few months ago. I only linked to it in forums and had it set up so the Search Engines wouldn’t index it.

After 30 days I had 1900 unique visitors.  Remember I only spend about 30 minutes in forums a day.  I spend that time participating instead of promoting though.  The best part about Forum Traffic that you get because you helped someone is that they already have built a relationship with you.  Don’t be one of those confrontational jerks.  If your genuinely helpful and do forum posting on a regular basis, it really can be your only method of promotion.

If you are not experienced at this you might not be aware of some of the more popular forums or forums that are search engine friendly. Here is a short list to get you started: http://www.affprogram.info/forum


http://www.warriorforum.com/forum/ ?



Blogs – Should you be a “Blogger”?

One word – YES! Blogs are a great way to really drive the Search Engines where you want them to go plus they generate a ton of traffic if you write well.

If you can’t write well, well that is what reprint rights on articles are for.

If you have fantastico in your webhosting control panel you can set up wordpress in about 5 seconds.

Did you know that if you have a blog other sites want to know (and link back to you) the moment you make a new post?  It’s called pinging and while I could fill another 30 pages on this, I don’t have too.  Just do this.

1.) Install wordpress.

2.) Set it up the way you like it via the admin panel.

3.) Under “options” click the “writing” link.

4.) Publish your Blog and WordPress will automatically ping it for you.

Many services like Technorati, Feedster, Icerocket, Google Blog Search, and others want a “ping” from you to know you’ve updated so they can index your content. WordPress.com handles it all for you. When you post, we send a ping using Ping-o-Matic! which is a service that pings several different search providers all at once including Technorati, My Yahoo!, Google Blog Search.

Pings are automatically sent if you have selected to make your blog visible to everyone on the Settings > Privacy page. If your blog is private or if you block search engines, pings will not be sent.

Every single url there will be ‘notified’ after you make a post on your blog.  I use my blogs (yes, I have more than one), to promote my products, tell others what I am doing, goof off, and of course for the obvious Search Engine benefits.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free


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