Getting Started with Network Marketing

The Absolute Simplest And Easiest Way To Get Started!

There are many ways you can get started, you can set up your own website, create a viral e-book…and those are all pretty easy, but still not the absolute easiest!

I would say that the easiest way to get started is Blogging.  Running a blog that you can install via fantastico is a new webmasters dream.  One click installation, and then all you have to do is add content.  WordPress is a great choice for a new Blogger, but even if you can’t afford to get hosting or domain names yet, you can still get started Blogging.

Do a search for free Blogs, but chances are you will end up wanting to use – they are free and the Blogs are quite nice.
The best part about using Blogs is that they actually “ping” services to tell them that you have added new content.  Many of those places then syndicate your content and that brings you back links and plenty of public awareness.

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  I know I struggle with it, because I don’t really like talking about what I am doing – I would just rather DO IT.  But a Blog is a great way to both accomplish something and DO something all at once. Give it a shot – remember you can start a Blog up for free.  You will want to add revenue streams into your blog by customizing. What to base your web sites on?

Many experts on the subject of Niche Sites will tell you that you have to pick high paying keywords only.  There are so many searches on so many topics every day that you really can get traffic and interest in just about any “sub” category you want.

What I am saying is – don’t make your sites about fishing – make them about Walleye fishing instead.  A great free way to pick your topics a little easier is:  Just enter in a major keyword and it will spit out some other suggestions and help you find your competition.

Your first site should be about something you enjoy.  Writing for the Keywords isn’t any fun, so pick a topic you know something about and just do it.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free


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