How To Save Some Time Setting Up Your Blog

If you’re crunched for time – who isn’t?  There are some great ways to both reduce the amount of time needed to get your network off the ground and save you money.

•    Buy content outright: You can find writers in almost any forum.

•    Buy completed websites – check out sitepoint and for websites for sale.

•    Have someone make you a website – I suggest going with a reputable company for this.  OR make sure you use copyscape on whatever you purchase.  I’ve redone many content sites that my clients paid someone else to make and they later found themselves having stolen content.

•    Join a service like that gives you all the sites, products, and materials you need to start your own website network.

•    Join a membership site like nicheology that just gives you the framework of a product or website. Or, buy the package from

•    Join other sites that give content as part of their membership site.

•    Buy content packs from the Warrior Forum Special Offers section.

•    Rewrite your own previous content to cut down on time.

•    Or if your just looking for speed and money saving – just republish others articles and include the resource box.

That should be enough to get you started down the road to becoming your own webmaster of a powerful network.  Getting started is the most important part – so go do that right now.

If you feel overwhelmed and know you need help, I really suggest you join one of the niche site membership sites that are out there. Just make sure they will give you video tutorials, content, materials, and full web site content to get you started.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free


Pumping Your Websites Full of Traffic

On-line Classifieds:

It’s been widely reported that On-line Classifieds are a complete waste of time – and they are if you are trying to use them to promote a web site.  However, using them for free link backs to your site isn’t a bad idea.

This isn’t worth a whole lot of your time – so don’t concentrate on it.  A few links in classifieds are a good idea though as they are free back links to your site.  Some paid services like USfreeads allow you to make whole pages to promote your site/ad.

This is a great way to get a back link with some highly targeted surrounding text.  The benefit will be up to you though as there are other places to do the same thing for free.

Smart E-zine Advertising:

If you place an e-zine ad and NEVER get a sale did you waste all your money? Not if the e-zine you published your ad with actually has an on-line archive.

Anytime your Live URL is active somewhere it is usually a good thing.  Search for e-zine with affordable rates and advertise in them with your ‘anchor text’ terms.

If you don’t know what anchor text is…. Go here:

If you have never advertised in an E-zine before and are a little hesitant may I suggest going to:  – Merle has done a great job of setting a site up where you can actually BID on advertising space.

Directory Listings:

Directory Listings are a very important part of the Search Engine Optimization game – and if you do it right you can even generate traffic this way.  Here is a list of a ton of free directories – this is the best resource I have found period.

They are changing formats right now to also include paid listings, but it does not appear that they will be getting rid of their free directory listings.

Paid directory inclusions may be a good idea if you can find a “niche” directory that is getting targeted traffic to your sites topic.  This will be the only way you can count on getting some traffic in return for the directory listings, if any traffic is generated from the “free” listings it will be just through luck for the most part.  The main reason you are submitting to the directories is for a nice high PR backlink.

Link Exchanges:

How to do them right – and make sure you aren’t ripped off.

Link exchanges are a fast way to brand your website.  You can’t do it automated though, you need to write to other webmasters and ask them to exchange links with you.

It will take time and I think it’s almost a waste of time. Sure some people will argue with me, but I know how hard it is.
Instead why don’t you go to where webmasters are searching for link exchanges already?

There are 100’s of webmaster forums, marketing forums and more where other webmasters are working on their branding……and they want to exchange links with you!

Right now I have 4 posts on various forums looking for link partners. I put them up this morning and tonight I have 11 link exchanges complete.  I can already see the increase in traffic and Google has already “found” one of my websites that it hadn’t crawled yet. By this time tomorrow I will have a 4 new websites on their way to a profitable future and a higher search engine ranking.  It didn’t take much time, and the results are phenomenal.

I disagree with trading links just for a Page Rank boost – if I am taking space up on my website I expect some traffic in return.  So make sure you ask your linking partners if they are getting any traffic

If you are not getting much traffic yet it’s hard to be pushy on this topic. You are just going to have to gamble on their site growing as yours does.

Traffic Exchanges:

Traffic exchanges are still a  great way to get free traffic to your sites. Just be aware that you cannot use Traffic Exchanges if you are running Adsense ads on your sites. I use Traffic Hoopla to keep me up to date on what sites are doing the best.  You can see an example of this at:

You will need to setup a traffic funnel using at least 10 good sites and power surf  in two groups of 5 each on a daily basis to have any success. You surf on group in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  And then you switch back and forth each day making sure you surf a minimum of 30 credits per site each time.  This is minimum, more is good if you have the time.  I usually spend about 30 minutes on each session.

You can do all this for free or if you have advertising budget, you can invest in going pro on 2 or 3 of the best ones.  I would recommend that you surf for a month or 2 before deciding which one to go pro with.


With the introduction of  YouTube and other social sites like Facebook, making a video and publishing it has become very easy to do.  Just check out the video on my Videos tab on this site as an example.  I have several more that are publishes on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

So as you can see there are several good ways to drive traffic to your sites.  It is up to you to choose which ones work best for you.

Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free

Using Articles To Generate Traffic for Your Business

If you can’t write an article you should have a couple written for you by a decent writer.  These articles are a gold mine of traffic, Page Rank, and of course establishing yourself as an expert in your field.  I have written hundreds of articles under various pen names to point to a multitude of my sites, and my client’s sites.

It’s getting harder to use the article directories to generate traffic though, because unlike a few months ago – all these directories are getting stripped by bots and scrapers for the content.  You have the right to have your resource box intact when it’s published.  Do searches for your articles title and if you find they aren’t linking back to you correctly contact them and ask them politely.

If they don’t fix their obvious “oversight”, you do have the right to contact their host, to inform them that they are publishing your copy written work with out your permission.  The host can be held liable if they don’t force the site to comply.  I’m not a lawyer, but you can also send a cease and desist order, and several other things to force them to comply.

My favorite places to submit articles are:

There are literally hundreds of places to submit your articles.  Make sure you post in as many places as you have time for, or purchase one of the “submitters” to do it automatically.  I recommend doing your homework on these though as many out there are outdated.

The fact is you don’t need to spend thousands getting secret software to get indexed.  You just need to write great articles.

Your article should have:

•    A great title – this is no different than using something catchy in an ad.

•    A Great TOPIC – if no one is interested in what you are writing about why should you expect anyone to publish it?

•    A resource box to “close” the sale.

•    And above all you have to promote it.  Submit it to several directories.  Link to it in your forum signatures, link to it from your websites.  If you do this – it will get published.

Don’t forget to proofread your article – bad grammar can kill its effectiveness.

Paid link purchases – getting your moneys worth

There is nothing wrong with buying links.  If you were to purchase Search Engine Optimization from a company this is what they will be doing – why are you going to pay someone else to do it for you. Go to and other similar sites to purchase links.

The good news about purchased links is you are not only buying Search Engine rankings, but in many cases you are also buying immediate traffic. If you have set your network of sites up to send traffic to itself, that’s even better.

Great Places To Get FREE Keyword Rich Links

While directories, classifieds, e-zine ads and other places all give you a way to get links back to your site – how many places let you fill in the content and keywords for the pages your links appear on?

Not many.

I have found several sites made by Stmadeveloper that allow free advertising.  The first is  – it’s ad free and you can make your own keyword rich page that includes keywords, page title, and more.

Another one is: they have a link in the member’s area to create a “product” review.  It is acceptable to make another search engine friendly page for your website there.

Imagine if you did this for every affiliate program you were involved in?

I’m telling you my secret places I have found for myself to get Search Engine Traffic from – I hope you take advantage of my own resources and use them for your benefit.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free

How Exactly Do You Pick A Blog Topic?

Forums are filled with people who know more about any given topic than you do.  While you can’t plagiarize what they are saying, you sure can learn a lot.  If you don’t understand something there will be people to help you.

When I come up with a new niche idea, or concept for a content site, one of the first things I do is go to
A few hours reading through sitepoint can be worth several thousand dollars in ideas.

There are also other great forums, but when it comes to internet marketing there is none better than the “Warrior Forum”

There are places like Niche Site Special that sells entire website packs, places like Nicheology that sells the “guts” of an idea, or freelancers who have article packs.

Also, if you are looking to get a whole lot of content all at once, go to:

And check out Dima Sorokine’s package, there is a lot of great content in it and it is well worth every penny of the price he charges.

Another place to get exactly what you want written is in forums. Just ask for writers to give you bids on content about XYZ.  You can also go to places like Scriptlance and get 100’s of writers, programmers, and editors bidding on your project.

Just beware – you get what you pay for. Many “low” bids will just be stolen work. Make sure you use Copyscape on anything you buy…before you pay.

I realize though that I am not an expert on everything.  There are thousands of people that know more than I do about a zillion things.  When it’s time to write some new content on something I am not very familiar with, I start reading blogs, forums, and articles on the topic.

I take notes so I can refresh myself on the topics.  When I am done learning about the topic I sit down and start writing.   I end up with an original piece of work, and my notes let me reference any sources that I should.



Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free

I Have a Website, What Do I Do Now?

Do Press Releases

A well written press release is a great way to both boost page rank and get some immediate traffic – don’t expect a flood though.     I’m not going to teach you to be a writer here, but every good press release has the basic laws of Journalism…who, what, when, where, why and how.

A press release is not an ad and shouldn’t be written as such.  Read a newspaper article and your press release should be the same format.

A great suggestion on when to release your press release is once you know ALL the bugs are worked out of your website.

Using forums to really get the traffic flowing:

I spend 30 minutes a day in forums.  Why?  It makes me money and I get to do what I enjoy – helping people.

See most forums allow you to post your signature below your name (look for the place where you edit your profile in the menu).  This should be active anchor text links for the maximum benefit.  Almost every single “helpful” post I do get at least 3 or 4 click throughs to my sites.  That’s on the day I do it. Over the “life” of the post I usually get hit by the search engines if the forum is SEO friendly, and several more clicks.  I did a test with one of my sites a few months ago. I only linked to it in forums and had it set up so the Search Engines wouldn’t index it.

After 30 days I had 1900 unique visitors.  Remember I only spend about 30 minutes in forums a day.  I spend that time participating instead of promoting though.  The best part about Forum Traffic that you get because you helped someone is that they already have built a relationship with you.  Don’t be one of those confrontational jerks.  If your genuinely helpful and do forum posting on a regular basis, it really can be your only method of promotion.

If you are not experienced at this you might not be aware of some of the more popular forums or forums that are search engine friendly. Here is a short list to get you started: ?

Blogs – Should you be a “Blogger”?

One word – YES! Blogs are a great way to really drive the Search Engines where you want them to go plus they generate a ton of traffic if you write well.

If you can’t write well, well that is what reprint rights on articles are for.

If you have fantastico in your webhosting control panel you can set up wordpress in about 5 seconds.

Did you know that if you have a blog other sites want to know (and link back to you) the moment you make a new post?  It’s called pinging and while I could fill another 30 pages on this, I don’t have too.  Just do this.

1.) Install wordpress.

2.) Set it up the way you like it via the admin panel.

3.) Under “options” click the “writing” link.

4.) Publish your Blog and WordPress will automatically ping it for you.

Many services like Technorati, Feedster, Icerocket, Google Blog Search, and others want a “ping” from you to know you’ve updated so they can index your content. handles it all for you. When you post, we send a ping using Ping-o-Matic! which is a service that pings several different search providers all at once including Technorati, My Yahoo!, Google Blog Search.

Pings are automatically sent if you have selected to make your blog visible to everyone on the Settings > Privacy page. If your blog is private or if you block search engines, pings will not be sent.

Every single url there will be ‘notified’ after you make a post on your blog.  I use my blogs (yes, I have more than one), to promote my products, tell others what I am doing, goof off, and of course for the obvious Search Engine benefits.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free

Generate your own network marketing leads.

Generate your own network marketing leads..

“Amazing! Discover your own breakthrough network marketing lead generation system you can use to boom ANY MLM business!”

“Learn the single most important thing you MUST do for network marketing success … but almost nobody does it!”

“MLM Is About YOU – It’s Not About Products or Companies!”

I’ll give you a complete, soup-to-nuts system to build your empire in ANY network marketing company!

Got a great MLM company, but NO upline support? Or do you need the keys to help you find a great company?


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free

Getting Started with Network Marketing

The Absolute Simplest And Easiest Way To Get Started!

There are many ways you can get started, you can set up your own website, create a viral e-book…and those are all pretty easy, but still not the absolute easiest!

I would say that the easiest way to get started is Blogging.  Running a blog that you can install via fantastico is a new webmasters dream.  One click installation, and then all you have to do is add content.  WordPress is a great choice for a new Blogger, but even if you can’t afford to get hosting or domain names yet, you can still get started Blogging.

Do a search for free Blogs, but chances are you will end up wanting to use – they are free and the Blogs are quite nice.
The best part about using Blogs is that they actually “ping” services to tell them that you have added new content.  Many of those places then syndicate your content and that brings you back links and plenty of public awareness.

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  I know I struggle with it, because I don’t really like talking about what I am doing – I would just rather DO IT.  But a Blog is a great way to both accomplish something and DO something all at once. Give it a shot – remember you can start a Blog up for free.  You will want to add revenue streams into your blog by customizing. What to base your web sites on?

Many experts on the subject of Niche Sites will tell you that you have to pick high paying keywords only.  There are so many searches on so many topics every day that you really can get traffic and interest in just about any “sub” category you want.

What I am saying is – don’t make your sites about fishing – make them about Walleye fishing instead.  A great free way to pick your topics a little easier is:  Just enter in a major keyword and it will spit out some other suggestions and help you find your competition.

Your first site should be about something you enjoy.  Writing for the Keywords isn’t any fun, so pick a topic you know something about and just do it.


Edward Pena is a network marketer that lives in Austin, Texas. He and his associates have been marketing on the internet successfully since 1999. To learn more about him and his successful businesses go to: Mentoring for Free